Kocan Empire

There was once a great kingdom that once linked all of the nations together. It was known as the Kocan Kingdom and it was similar in style of government to Rome. It started as a senatorial republic, but became an Imperial dictatorship, had a succession of lunatic dictators, and was conquered by a swarming from Mount Jutab from the Underdark. The Dwarves of Miderel found that the critters disturbed their idea of the natural order of things and that, combined with the Elves wanting to be left alone by the slimy creatures and the Hobbits who wanted to feast and just trade with everybody, managed to drive the ugly ones back into their holes and the Orcs/Goblins/Bugbears/etc into the Badlands of Hebub, seriously reduced in number.

Now the Dwarf’s keep them in their holes, the Elves keep the Vander Forest under their wing and the Hobbits are content with trade and feasting, with occasional forays with their carved furniture and trade goods up to the Human lands. The Humans in Rodden, Oxiburg, Abralon and Nealon dream of the future and hope to reclaim the grandeur of the Kocan Empire. The military continues to use the feudal system that has been so successful in the past, that of vassalage and serfdom, of knights and squires, counts, barons, lords and ladies, and all of the goods and evils that the feudal system entails.

Perhaps the future….

The Kocan Kingdom timeline was something like this:

-340 to -165 The Clean Aeon – During this era, the Republic of Konugm arose to control of all of the governments in the area that now is depicted on the map.

- 165 to -75 The Jeweled Era – A time of happiness and growth by the Republic and stability. Minor warfare against neighboring nations off-map and small internal civil actions but little serious warfare.

-75 to -30 The Epoch of the Shadow – During this period, the first of the Emperors, Joeeks I, came to power and a succession of his offspring remained in power until his line was overthrown by Ewea and his gang of thugs in -34, remaining in power for a scant 4 years until the next stage.

-30 to -10 The Age of the Night-born – In this epoch, the ground around Mount Jutab was sundered by the Underdarks minions as they boiled up from the deep and laid spoil to the land, wiping everything in their path away and stealing everything they could from Human. Hobbit, Dwarf, and Elvenkind until the final battle of Buan’elph where the forces of darkness were finally defeated and were begun to be driven back to their holes and finally forced back underground by Elven magicks and Dwarven Strength along with Human guile, strategic tactics and subterfuge.

-10 to +25 The Corrupting Epoch of Emptiness and The Time of the Sinners – in this era, the land slowly recovered from the excesses of total war, the stripping forces of darkness and the debauchery of the Emperors and their lusts. Slowly the Elves returned to their Forest of Vander, the dwarves rebuilt their fortress in Miderel to keep watch over the abysses of the Underdark and its minions of evil, and the Hobbits returned to their ways of feasting and farming. The Humans were content with restoring kingdoms, four of them rising to prominence, four families having the strength to create feudal holdings that nurtured the land and restored it to production with all the attendant goods and some of the evils, too.

+25 – Present Day – The Jeweled Era The present era, with multiple races trying to co-exist together and adventures searching about amongst the ruins of ancient kingdoms, old tombs and cathedral, meeting ancient beasts and monsters and making their fortunes while to trying to survive. All this while the average man and woman seeks to live their normal life in peace and seeking out the occasional adventurer to assist with the rare problem with a stray Goblin or a marauding Orc tribe.

Kocan Empire

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